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05 Jan

They set up their business in a two-story brick building on Crossland Avenue and called it the Acme Shoe Manufacturing Company.They hired 100 employees and began producing sandal-like footwear for children and infants under the name Just-Kids.In the 1940s, Acme Boots became the largest maker of cowboy boots and remained the world's largest until the mid-1980s.Acme Boots has since been held by various corporations, including Arena Brands of Dallas, Texas, which licensed the Acme Brand to the Texas Boot Company of Lebanon, Tennessee in 2000.

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It eventually just became a brand name, and was last owned by H. Brown, until it was placed under their Double-H Boots brand label.

During the Great Depression, two Chicago shoe manufacturers, Jessel Cohn and his son, Sidney, decided to move their children’s and infants' shoemaking plant from Chicago, Illinois to Clarksville, Tennessee.

Upon naming our company, we soon realized we'd become part of something large — an Acme community, if you will.

No matter where you go in this enterprising country of ours, it's a sure bet you're not far from an Acme Tool & Die, an Acme Bar & Grill, or an Acme Radiator Repair.