Accommodating foreign language

02 Nov

HLI are the outstanding leaders in Home Stay Language teaching, operating in 30 countries throughout the world.We are currently seeking further tutors to host and teach foreign students.Full-time BYU students are eligible to apply to the FLSR program.So as to maximize one's language learning at the FLSR, completion of the following prerequisites is recommended: 102 for ASL, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and German; 201 for French and Chinese; and 202 for Japanese and Korean.

We are currently looking for highly educated hosts who have a university degree (any academic subject) and a minimum 2 years' teaching experience or who have a teaching certificate recognised by the state or teachers who are already in full-time employment and can teach during the holidays or who are working part-time or are retired and can teach on a flexible part/full-time basis.Once you have been accepted, you may choose when you want to work.You are free to accept or turn down each student you are offered, for any reason you like.The communication accommodation theory has broadened this theory to include not only speech but also the "non-verbal and discursive dimensions of social interaction".Like speech accommodation theory, communication accommodation theory continues to draw from social psychology, particularly from four main socio-psychology theories: similarity-attraction, social exchange, causal attribution and intergroup distinctiveness.