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28 Oct

’ ” the 17-year-old actress tells The Post, laughing. Every time they see me, they always say, ‘Oh my God, you’re all grown up!’ ” Still, she sure does look mature, as her red carpet appearance this week proved.“[Streep’s] kind of known as being the greatest actress of all time, so it’s really intimidating to go into a table read with her and say your lines,” gushes Breslin, sitting on a couch in a suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.Draped in a long maroon dress with bad girl boots and a biker jacket, she’s clutching the oversize pillow in her lap.We think this is the beginning to a beautiful relationship! “For the past four years, since I was like 13, every single article that has come out, it’s ‘Abigail Breslin is all grown up!The post defines what consent means in any kind of relationship, saying that you are never obligated to have sex with anyone — even if you're dating them or married to them. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 14 to 25% of women will be sexually assaulted by an intimate partner.

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Because of the absolutely terrifying amount of people I find myself having to site statistics on both DV SV, one person this afternoon, I like to re read the fact sheet @ncadv provides on their website ( But I recommend everyone, female or male, to read and become educated on.

Women who are raped by their spouse are even less likely than other women to report their assault, perhaps in part because NCADV notes most Americans don't think marital rape is really rape. Just because you have a relationship with someone, even if it's marriage, they do not have the right to have sex with you whenever they want.

Reading Abigail Breslin‘s impressive list of acting credits, it can be easy to forget that she’s still a teenager.

How precious, he seems to be a very supporting boyfriend!

A source is claiming that the two have been trying to keep their love on the down low, and that the vocalist has made secret visits to the set of - Abigail's latest movie.