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10 Oct

Just one day earlier, reports claimed serial sexter Anthony Weiner (pictured), who is Abedin's estranged husband, is allegedly no longer able to afford his sexting rehabilitation on a ranch in Tennessee Fishing on the picturesque Piney River, long hikes through the undulating countryside and horseback riding along trails in the leafy woods were among the activities offered to the man who has spent almost his entire life in bustling New York City and Washington, DC.

The board found that Weiner accepted contributions over the donation limit, failed to show that money he spent was in furtherance of his 2013 mayoral campaign and spent money after the election that was not related to the campaign.

There, the group ate ice-cream cones and took a spin on the log-flume ride.

, a documentary that follows former congressman Anthony Weiner in his attempt to overcome a sexting scandal and run for mayor of New York City—only to be felled, somewhat inexplicably, by another sexting scandal.

On the heels of her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year, we are pleased to report that Huma Abedin is still capable of enjoying the magic of Disneyland.

Recently, Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman and the reluctant star of star Tony Goldwyn, and one of his daughters.

(Barbara Kinney/AP) June 2011: A photograph of a man in his underpants appears on Weiner's Twitter account. And I’m not going to say that was an easy or fast decision that I made. I didn’t make it lightly." May 2013: Weiner announces he's running for mayor of New York City in a family-heavy video. "Every day starts right here," he says, picking up his son.

The outting came just a day after reports surfaced that Weiner is allegedly so strapped financially he's unable to afford his sexting addiction rehabilitation at a Tennessee ranch, according to reports.

Documents from the board show that Weiner paid the Esler Group ,000 more than what had originally been described in their contract.

He also failed to show how the spending was even related to the campaign.

The movie, which will appear at the Sundance Film Festival, is the latest misadventure in the genre among seekers of that high office.

In 2013, you may recall, front-runner Christine Quinn, Bloomberg’s heir apparent, also decided it would be a cagey idea to allow a film crew from is likely to pose more trouble for his wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime senior advisor to Hillary Clinton and the vice-chair of her presidential campaign. As I noted in my recent profile, it is increasingly unclear whether Abedin is Clinton’s secret weapon or her next big problem.