3g camera sex

03 Nov

Canon has announced the latest flagship member of its cinema line of EOS cameras.The C300 Mark II has a new super 35mm sensor and 4K internal recording and 15-stop wide dynamic range.Freelance press photographer Abid Bhat used to hotspot the 4G internet on his mobile, connect it to his laptop and send pictures to international publications.His work stopped since 3G and 4G mobile internet services were suspended in the Kashmir Valley from Monday afternoon.

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I am requesting friends to allow me to use theirs,” Bhat said.

But dashcams aren’t just for capturing sensational You Tube-worthy moments.

A new breed of cam turns your car into a rolling surveillance platform.

The internet becomes the first casualty whenever the situation in the militancy-ravaged Valley turns from restive to volatile.

The latest clampdown is to restrict Kashmiris from uploading on social media photos and videos of human rights violation by security forces.