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02 Sep

The 19th century produced few whiskey bottles compared to the 20th century.

For most of the century Bourbon and Rye whiskeys were sold by the distiller in the barrel.

Stuck indoors one evening, I read about how young Victorian couples managed to skirt their own considerable restrictions and stoke passions by reading out loud to each other. Though I want nothing less than to be a Hipster Victorian, further research only made me more convinced that a period-appropriate read-aloud session might alleviate certain of my friends’ and my problems.

As put it back in 1863, ”reading aloud is one of those exercises which combine mental and muscular effort, and hence has a double advantage”—perfect for those boring, cold days when your mind and your muscles both feel frozen.

While not asolution, you may have success contacting either the Archives Manager at South Australian Museum (gov.au/contact) or the Ask Us service at the State Library of NSW (askslsa.altarama.com/reft100.aspx?State Library Victoria response was "Unfortunately I think it is extremely rare for photographers stock books to still exist, especially if the studio was destroyed by fire in the 1870s.of winter to remind you of how limited your idea of fun is.By Michael Veach Photos by Justin Thompson There is a lot of interest in collecting old ‘dusty’ bottles of whiskey.The prices of these bottles have risen tenfold in the last decade with some older bottles bringing prices in the tens of thousands of dollars.