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03 Feb

He’s the 490th ranked player in the North American Scrabble Players Association with a 1451 rating.At his height of play, De Waelsche was rated 1869, placing him just outside the top 100 players in North America.Matt De Waelsche is the highest-ranked and most experienced of the five local players competing at the National Scrabble Championship in Las Vegas, Saturday through Wednesday.

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Scrabble players, like music students, don’t drop out of school. Matt and Jennifer met on an online dating service a year and half ago, about the same time we were launching the Rivard Report.

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“I moved to San Antonio about two years ago and I contacted him on a dating site because he mentioned Scrabble and theme parks in his profile,” Jennifer said.

“I enjoy playing Scrabble, but had never played competitively, and I’m big roller coaster fan.” I had assumed they met at the San Antonio Scrabble Club, which meets Thursday evenings at the Lion’s Field at Brackenridge Park on Broadway, but Jennifer didn’t even join the local Scrabble club until after she and Matt had been dating for a few months.