11th grader dating 8th grader

15 Oct

In fact, I'm not exaggerating or anything, I'm fairly certain she's in love with me, but that's a different issue, so I won't get into explaining all of those details. We flirt a lot, and I've been so lonely over the past few months, and I have a feeling that with her I'll finally be happy. People in my school even told me that they'd think less of me if I dated someone that young.

Everywhere I have lived a 15 year old could be w/ an 18 year old, 16 year old w/ a 19 year old, 17 year old w/ a 20 year old, and then 18 year old with anyone at least 15. I would not be okay with it but I have a friend who started dating a guy much older than her when she was 14... When she turned 18 they married and now have 4 kids.

I like the formula n/2 7 for the youngest person you can date if you are n years old. That means they can date someone 15 years old at the youngest. When I was 14 and in the 9th grade I did have a couple of dates with a 17 year old 11th grader.

If you are unable to attend your team's designated tryout, you can attend either the Dallas, North, or Make-up tryout.

In some states, only 20-30% of students whose first language isn't English graduate from high school.

This young woman deserves a lot of respect and support. She was red shirted in kindy and needed to repeat 7th due to missing half the year to health issues. As a 7th grader she's already earning high school credit.