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06 Dec

Qatar was importing 80 per cent of its food requirements from bigger Gulf Arab neighbours before they cut ties with the nation of 2.5 million people last week.Iran, long at odds with Saudi Arabia, has called for the two sides to overcome their differences.The head of Iran’s livestock exporters said they had exported 66 tonnes of meat to Qatar in the last two days.“We will also be sending 90 tonnes of meat in the coming week,” Fars quoted Mansour Pourian as saying.Iran sent four cargo planes of food to Qatar and plans to provide 100 tonnes of fruit and vegetables every day, Iranian officials have said, amid concerns of food shortages Qatar has been in talks with Iran and Turkey to secure food and water supplies after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism. “Every day we will export 100 tonnes of fruits and vegetables to Qatar,” Ali Hemmati, the head of the industries, business and trade organisation in the Fars province was also quoted as saying by the Tasnim news agency An Iranian diplomat in Doha said three cargo planes from Iran were landing in Qatar each day, bringing mostly fruit and vegetables. on Qatar, Iran Air has so far transported food and vegetables to this country by four flights,” Shahrokh Noushabadi, head of public relations at Iran’s national airline, was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.- UK and Ireland's award-winning original free dating site - celebrating twelve years of love, romance and friendship!With thousands of marriages, dozens of babies born, hundreds and hundreds of new lasting friendships formed, we're your number one choice for finding friendship and love online.

Now one of the world's fastest growing economies, it's the country's emotional rather than financial recovery that is its true miracle.

More Spain this week suffered the biggest Islamic State onslaught to be mounted in Europe since Nov/ 14, 2015, when they murdered 140 people in Paris.

The Spanish offensive claimed the lives of 14 civilians and 7 terrorists.

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